Melissa's Stage Credits

  • Wicked ... Ensemble Soloist, Glinda u/s, "Dorothy".
Los Angeles (Musical Theatre Guild, Member)
  • Superman ... Producer (Crew)
  • The Roar of The Greasepaint ... Urchin
  • Li'l Abner ... Daisy Mae
  • No, No, Nanette ... Flora
  • Redhead ... Tillie
  • Allegro ... Beulah
  • Saturday Night ... Florence
  • How Now Dow Jones ... Sue Ellen
  • Yes, Yes Nanette ... Ensemble
  • The Baker's Wife ... Nicole
Los Angeles (General)
  • Wicked ... Ensemble Soloist, u/s Glinda
  • Anything Goes ... Hope Harcourt (Musical Theatre West/Carpenter Center, Long Beach)
  • Mommy ... Cydney (NoHo Arts Centre)
  • Grease ... Marty Maraschino (Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities)
  • The Sunshine Boys ... The Nurse (The Gindi Auditorium)
  • Milk and Honey ... Zipporah (The Gindi Auditorium)
  • 3hree ... Chorus, Dance Captain (The Ahmanson Theatre)
  • Sweeney Todd ... Johanna (The Scherr Forum)
  • Gilligan's Island The Musical ... Mary Ann (The Scherr Forum)
  • Tin Pan Alley Rag ... Dorothy Berlin (The Pasadena Playhouse)
  • Enter The Guardsman ... The Wardrobe Mistress (The Laguna Playhouse)
  • No. 9 Rue d'Antin ... Fernande (Pacific Residence Theatre)
  • Chang & Eng ... Sallie (The Falcon Theatre)
  • The Music Man ... Zaneeta Shimm
  • George M! ... Josie Cohan
Los Angeles (Reprise! Productions)
  • Bells Are Ringing
  • Of Thee I Sing
  • Wonderful Town ... Babe, The Kid, Secretary
  • Finian's Rainbow ... Diana
Vox Lumiere
  • Vox Lumiere's Hunchback of Notre Dame ... Voice of the Good Diva (Los Angeles, Philadelphia PA, Auburn WA, New York, France)
  • Vox Lumiere's Highlights ... Coloratura Soloist/Vocalist/The Diva (Los Angeles)
  • Vox Lumiere's Metropolis ... Coloratura Soloist/Vocalist (New York, France, Los Angeles)
  • CDs and Merch available at The Vox Lumiere Store
  • Wicked (LA Leg)
  • Evita
  • Camelot
Denver (The Arvada Center)
  • West Side Story ... Maria (2000 Denver Critics Circle Nominee, Best Actress in a Musical)
  • Singin' in the Rain ... Kathy Selden
  • Plain Jane ... Lydia Bennett (Los Angeles)
  • Shaharazad (Los Angeles)
  • Mommy ... Cydney (The Youngest Mommy) (Los Angeles)
  • Camille ... Fernande (The York Theatre, NYC)
  • Wicked ... Ensemble, Emerald City Riffraff (LA/San Francisco,)
  • Pilgrim ... Acrobat (LA)
  • Snapshots (LA)
Special Engagements
  • The Stephen Sondheim 75th Birthday Celebration ... Performer (Hollywood Bowl, LA)
  • Something Wicked Cabaret (BC/EFA & Wicked Fundraiser, The Zipper Theatre, NYC)
Cast Recordings
  • Mommy (Demo)
  • Wicked
  • Gilligan's Island: The Musical
  • Boxing Helena (Demo)

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Musical Theatre West's Anything Goes
"As Hope, the lady Billy is pursuing, Melissa Fahn likewise displays a deft comic flair. Her angelic voice is at its best when she shares the gorgeous "All Through the Night" with Earley and an ensemble of sailors." - Les Spindle, Backstage West

"Fahn also has a great voice. Yes, her Hope is rather a sap, but Fahn gives her some good dimension and kicks some serious rear end on her big ballad "Goodbye Little Dream, Goodbye." Earley and Fahn also have nice rapport, and do a very nice job on "It's De-Lovely." - Alessandra Djurklou, The Press-Telegram

"[Belle Calaway] certainly strikes sparks with Earley's boyish Billy, whose ability to find nuance in musical shorthand remains rarefied. His lush baritone is in heavenly estate, and he manages some neat Fred-and-Ginger maneuvers with Fahn's appealing ingénue." - David C Nichols, The LA (full review may not be available)

Musical Theatre Guild's The Roar of the Greasepaint
"Greasepaint's" chorus of urchins, led by the Kid (Shauna Markey), appears amid garbage cans and wardrobe racks in "The Beautiful Land." Markey and colleagues Jennie Fahn, Melissa Fahn, Laurel Hatfield, Kristi Holden, Marisol Mireles and Carly Turner deftly scrub away the singsong treacle." - David C Nichols, The LA (full review may not be available)

Musical Theatre Guild's 'Li'l Abner'
"Screenwriters-turned-librettists Panama and Frank wed Capp's most celebrated story line... the eternal pursuit of endearing loon Abner Yokum (the wonderful Damon Kirsche) by nubile Daisy Mae (Melissa Fahn, daftly adorable)... to musical comedy conventions and swipes at government skulduggery." - David C Nichols, The LA Times (full review may not be available)

"Special kudos to Damon Kirche as Abner, Melissa Fahn as Daisy Mae and Joe Hart as Marryin' Sam. If you've seen the movie, you know that a number of the songs from play never made it to the screen, so it was a real pleasure to listen to them here. The above three named actors were not only excellent as actors but had wonderful voices, too." - Marv Wolfman For more of this review, click here!

"Damon Kirsche was great in the title role, Melissa Fahn was an adorable Daisy Mae, Joe Hart stopped the show as Marryin' Sam and then Michael Kostroff stopped it again as General Bullmoose." - Mark Evanier For more of this review, click here!

"What works better are the tried-and-true romantic comedy conventions, as sassy country babe Daisy Mae (charmingly played by Melissa Fahn) sets her sights on good-ole-boy hunk Abner (played with gosh-shucks gusto and sung exquisitely by Damon Kirsche)."- Les Spindle for For more of this review, click here! Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities' 'Grease'
"...The rest of the ensemble is wonderfully cast and they appear to be having a great deal of fun. Standout featured performances include those by David Engel, Collin Rand, Ipsita Paul, Melissa Fahn and Linda Kerns." - Kent Stoddart, Beach Reporter For more of this review, click here!

"The show is quite the ensemble piece, but standouts definitely exist. Brandon Alameda as Doody, William Akey as Roger, Mindy Reid as Jan, and Melissa Fahn as Marty simply do not miss a beat in their marked portrayals. " - Deanne Alisa Ableser, Easy Rreader For more of this review, click here!

Gilligan's Island The Musical
"...there's timid, sensitive and kind Mary Ann, played by Melissa Fahn, who gets her first experience at love." -- Elizabeth Angelini, The Acorn. For more of this review, click here!

"...Melissa Fahn (voice of Hello Kitty) is perfectly squeaky clean as Mary Ann, who expresses her unrequited affection for Gilligan with the heartfelt, 'Things I Never Said.'" --Julio Martinez, Variety.

Enter The Guardsman
"...But, by far, the proverbial scene-stealers of this piece are the trio of Kevin Earley as the ever diligent Assistant Stage Manager, Melissa Fahn as the interminably perky Wardrobe Mistress, and Chuck Rosen as the beautifully underplayed Wigs Master. Not only do these three guarantee a rousing good time with their two marvelous musical numbers - "The Language of Flowers" and "She's a Little Off" - but their consistent characterizations mixed with their obvious enthusiasm for performance mark them for future starring roles. Whenever they are onstage, the audience is sure of energy, sparkling comedy, and polished musical performances." --Gregory Cohen,

"...In the supporting role of the wardrobe mistress, Melissa Fahn clearly has an instrument and stage presence that warrant a bigger part." --Paul Hodgins,

West Side Story
"Fahn gives a superlative performance. Her acting skills really come through, especially during her final speech to the gang members, and she sings laudably as well." - Rocky Mountain News "...Fahn handles Maria's heartrending farewell to the deceased Tony by exuding simple grace and dignified restraint." --Jim Lillie, Denver Westword. For more of this review, click here!

"...What's pleasant about Fahn's rendition is that she retains Maria's strong individuality and doesn't succumb to the opportunities to become overly sentimental." --Brad Smith, The Denver Business Journal. For more of this review, click here!

"...The production soars to its greatest heights when Melissa Fahn and Greg Whitney take the stage as Maria and Tony. The audience serves as eager accomplices with Fahn and Whitney, letting our imagination fill whatever seams are left unsealed." For more of this review, click here!

Singin' In The Rain
"...Melissa Fahn is a delightful Kathy Selden." --Brad Smith, The Denver Business Journal. For more of this review, click here!

"...Leading the company is the superb Fahn, who delivers a confident, perfectly sung portrait of the idealistic showgirl. When Kathy auditions for studio executives with the song "You Are My Lucky Star," the moment is strangely lacking in the sort of anxiety you'd expect to feel for a fledgling performer in a make-or-break situation. Instead, you just hope the beautifully sung tune goes on long enough for Fahn to elicit the full spectrum of her character's bottomless charm. And as the sprightly number "Good Morning" attests, Fahn's also a polished dancer. Tapping her toes atop a portable bar that's just wide enough to hold Fahn and her two cohorts, the accomplished musical comedienne executes each step and leap with seemingly effortless precision. In fact, her achievements in Act One almost make you wish she'd taken on the leading role of Don, except that such a stroke of gender-bender casting would likely have created more complications than the script could accommodate (not to mention upset an audience otherwise gleefully awash in nostalgia)." --Jim Lillie, Denver Westword. For more of this review, click here!

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