Looked on the calendar but want to know the regularly scheduled programs you can watch? Well, lucky for you there's a few shows in regular programming that Melissa voices on! Think Invader Zim is gone for good? Not on digital cable and sattelite dish! Check out these regular listings: (Please remember, I can't promise that everything will air accordingly. If there are changes to the schedules, I will try to update promptly!) Please Note: Adult Swim schedules as if early morning hours (12am-5am) are not the next day, so if you see something for Adult Swim listed as Saturday at 1:30am, it means Sunday morning. That only goes for Adult Swim, all other stations are normal days.

ZATCH BELL:Cartoon Network. You can now hear Melissa as Tia a "quirky" series regular on the new Cartoon Network 'toon "Zatch Bell"! You can catch "Zatch Bell" on Cartoon Network Saturdays at 10:30pm in their Toonami lineup. It's also airing now at 4:30 every weekday during the Miguzi lineup!

INVADER ZIM: Nicktoons TV, Catch Melissa as the video-game loving, pizza-eating Gaz on Invader Zim! 1am and 1:30am Monday-Saturday, 10pm Monday-Thursday, 11pm Friday-Sunday, 8:30am Saturday and Sunday.

EUREKA 7: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim). Eureka 7 premieres on Saturday, April 15 at midnight (techncially Sunday, April 16). Her character Ray debuts midway through the series, so tune in!

GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2GIG: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim). GITS:SAC 2nd Gig airs at 12:30am Saturday night/Eearly Sunday morning and scattered times weeknights. In Canada, you can catch Section 9 and the Tachikomas on YTV at 12:30am Friday nights/Saturday Morning! Melissa is back as one of the Tachikoma tanks!

COWBOY BEBOP: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim). Cowboy Bebop is back, featuring Melissa as the zany, wacky, BRILLIANT Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (but you can call her Ed.) Airs 1:30am Saturday night (early Sunday morning) on Adult Swim!

DIGIMON: ABC Family Channel: Weekends 7:00am; Toon Disney (Jetix): Tuesday-Friday: 7:30 pm, 12:30 am; Saturday-Sunday: 9pm Remember Melissa's only featured as Rika the Digi-Queen in season three; season four she's the Narrator, only doing the intro and outro for each episode for about the first half of the season and ABC Family and Toon Disney air ALL FOUR SEASONS of Digimon, so you're not always guaranteed to hear her!

S-CRY-ED: Cartoon Network (Adult Swim). s-CRY-ed airs at 1:00am Monday night/Tuesday morning through Thursday night/Friday Morning. Melissa plays episode characters in episodes 6, 8, and 9 as Cammy, Girl at Party, and Chuka.

Not sure if its airing at these times in your area? Check the station websites:
Adult Swim
Cartoon Network
NickToons TV
Jetix (Toon Disney/ABC Family)

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