Welcome to the video section! Unfortunately, we don't have many videos, because of copyright laws and things like that... But for now, we do have some clips available. If you go to Vox Lumiere's site you can view the Vox Teaser! Please remember, when you're downloading, right click and select "Save As"! It helps save bandwidth!

Here's one from Vox Lumiere's Phantom of the Opera:

Let Me Love You Now from Vox's Phantom!

Melissa plays Christine and Rob Trow plays the Phantom in this video. This is from the Vox Lumiere Highlights show in the summer of 2003. *I am aware that this is a video shot from the audience, aka a bootleg. However, I have permission from Kevin Saunders Hayes of Vox Lumiere. This video has his seal of approval. This does NOT, however, mean that I will be posting bootlegs of ANY OTHER SHOW. I am only posting this because I have Kevin's express permission to do this.* If you like this clip, please check out Vox Lumiere's website for tour and ticket information as well as the Vox Store!

Here's one from Wicked:

Wicked's performance at The 2003 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
, it's rather low quality, but it's still fun and LOTS of closeups on our favorite ensemble member!

Here's another goodie from Wicked:

Wicked's performance on Late Night with David Letterman!

Melissa's only in the beginning section of "March of the Witch Hunters" which they integrated to make the scene more understandable, but for those of you who haven't seen the show, it really doesn't go in this order. We're not complaining though, yay for Melissa on TV!!! She's on the left corner of the screen wearing the blue top hat that looks a little squished and the brown dress holding the torch! Enjoy!

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