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Welcome to Mille Baci, the Official Melissa Fahn Fansite!

Welcome to Mille Baci! Mille Baci the Official Melissa Fahn Fansite--made entirely by fans for fans of the incredibly talented Melissa Fahn. We have loads of content ranging from interviews to videos to songs and tons of photos, so come on in, take a look around and learn more about this incredibly talented woman.

Well spring sprung and now we're heading full speed into summer! It's going to be a crazy summer-- Avignon is currently available at iTunes, and Digstation (A digital download purchase site for independent artists)! Please, also remember at both CDBaby and iTunes, you can write reviews about "Avignon" and let people know how AWESOME Melissa is! Your review could inspire people to buy Melissa's CD! Spread the word! I know a lot of you are really excited about it. You can download it instantly from iTunes or Digstation or you can order the enhanced CD from It's a hot seller and it's temporarily sold out (before we even had the chance to announce it!) but you can put your name on the list to be notified when they receive new stock. You can also write a glowing review about how amazing it is, too! If you missed Melissa's performance on Passions, check out for links to some videos of her performance! It was amazing and people can't stop talking about it! Check it out! Melissa also just finished recording a brand new feature animated film, new Digimon and some parts for Naruto! More on all of those in Latest News as well!

More news coming, and remember keep it here and at for more news. Speaking of our new sister site, has been up and running for almost two weeks!! I hope you all have had a chance to go check out the GADS of new photos, music clips and many many more treats. Besides that, things have *still* been crazy busy! The Art 4 Life Benefit was a crazy success! Melissa performed the song "My Old Addiction," a cover of the David Wilcox song that will be featured on "Avignon." Also going on right now for Mel is the Los Angeles sit-down production of Wicked, which is doing quite well! It's sold out for now, but you can always buy in advance or try your luck at lotto! Melissa is reprising her original ensemble role as well as being the understudy for Glinda! The kittens got to attend the first preview back in February (and admittedly a few times since!), and let us tell you, it was phenomenal! All you SoCal Kittens, get your tickets NOW to see our girl on stage in Wicked! Here's a link to purchase tickets on or check out the Wicked LA Website for details on the Lottery system!

Melissa just signed a new batch of Zatch Bell merch, more cards, a card shield, and a Zatch Bell Manga, so look forward to more new auctions in the new year, as always, all proceeds will go to keeping the site up and running here on our own webspace! Thanks for everyone who has supported us and our auctions over the past year! If you have any questions about or ideas for auctions, be sure to let us know. Don't forget that donations are always accepted, but never required, so please, if you are interested in supporting, please email us. BIG thanks to Cooper and an Anonymous donor Stacy S. on the board, who donated a combined $65 to the Board, allowing us to pay for the MB through the rest of the year! KUDOS!
Yours, Jax, Kimmie and The Kittens!

Please also, keep in mind, we are fans running this website for Melissa. We are not Melissa. We will soon have a means for contacting her directly, so please bear with us. E-mailing the kittens through the website will not get your e-mail to Melissa. We're very busy and don't always have the time to forward things to her. The best way to get in touch with her is by sending mail to the snail mail address listed on the contact page or via her MySpace. The site email address does not go to Melissa, it goes to us, the kittens. Thank you.

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