Melissa Related Links:

Wicked the Musical The official site for Wicked the Musical
Vox Lumiere
Musical Theatre Guild Los Angeles

Voice Over/Cartoons & Anime:
The Digi Zone a definitive Digimon Website!
The Zimdex Great source for Gaz sound clips!
Room With A Moose & Gir
Edward: Enter the Tomato An Edward Fanlisting

Database Listings: (These are all user-input based databases, so, while they are fastidiously moderated, the info may not always be accurate, email us if you spot an inaccuracy. Sometimes we cannot correct this information, so please remember, don't believe everything you read on the internet.)
Melissa @ The Anime News Network
Melissa @ Voice Chasers An excellent voice actor database run by the fabulous Kristy! Melissa @ Crystal Acids Anime Database


Melissa Fahn's MySpace Music
Melissa Fahn Fans: The First Online Club/Community
UNLIMITED: The Wicked Fan Society
Wicked Fans @
Astronaut Elementary and Jax Epoch two excellent Comics featuring the work of Dave Roman
Rachel's Michelle Federer Fansite
Unlimited: The Official Maria Eberline Fansite
Pinkified: The Official Emily Rozek Fansite (Currently Down due to Technical Problems)

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