Fanmail Address Change!!!
Please note, the address to send Melissa "snail mail" has changed to the following:
Schiowitz, Connor, Ankrum, Wolf
1680 Vine St. # 1016
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Please send any, and all, fan mail to this address from now on!! You can also e-mail Melissa at or catch her at her MySpace

Noein on Sci-Fi!!!
Apologies on how late this news is coming, but it seems that Noein (the anime starring Melissa as the lead character Haruka that got Melissa nominated for an American Anime Award) is airing on the Sci Fi channel on AniMondays, Monday nights at 11pm (EST). It's been airing for 2-3 weeks, so there are a few episodes that have gone by, but it's an amazing show (Jax LOVES it) and some of Melissa's best work. Volumes 1-4 are also available on DVD! (With some HYSTERICAL, though PG-13, outtakes!)

Avignon on CDBaby!!!
Avignon is finally available on CDBaby! Well, sorta... In less than 24 hours, the CD actually sold out temporarily! How crazy is that? Well, there are surely more on the way, so you can put your name on the list to be contacted as soon as they get more in stock. In the mean time, you can preview it on CDBaby and write a smashing review about how amazing the CD is! keep supporting Mel!!!! ^_^

Passions airing sooner!!!
Just wanted to give a quick heads up that Passions has been moved up to June 29th as its airdate! Just an FYI! June 29th not July 10th.

Party in West Hollywood!!!
It's been a very busy month for Melissa, and the star of the show has been the release of her debut album, Avignon (see below for the link to Digstation to download it, or hold tight if you want the CD with enhanced content, that will be available through CDBaby shortly). Well, the girl is going to drop it in style this Monday (6/25) in West Hollywood at the House of Blues! That's right, Melissa and Joel are hosting a CD Release party this Monday, June 25 2007, at the House of Blues posh and exclusive Foundation Room! The HOB is located at 8430 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069. The party starts at 7 and goes until 11 and you must be 21+ to get in (as the Foundation Room does serve alcohol.) We look forward to seeing a lot of Kittens there! This is an awesome one-time chance to come hang out with Melissa and Joel as she releases her debut album! This party also officially marks the Launch of Melissa's official site, our sister site,!

A Blaze of Glory!!
Melissa was just cast in the lead role of and recorded a brand new, feature length, original animation movie called Blaze of Glory about a "Spunky" Greek Princess named Hippodamia. Melissa is performing alongside some of Hollywood's Legendary Leading Ladies -- Debbie Reynolds as the Queen, her mother and Phyllis Diller as a wisecracking bronze donkey. More news coming about this as the project comes along!

Wicked Wednesday!!
Wicked and Unviersal Studios Hollywood have announced Wicked Wednesdays at the theme park. The first performance will be Wednesday, June 27 and will feature Melissa performing as Glinda. Songs performed will include "Popular" and "For Good". Later that afternoon there will be another appearance by Melissa as Glinda at the downtown LA location of California Mart. More details as they come, of course!

New Digimon!!
Melissa began recording on the newest Digimon series, Digimon Data Squad, today. She will be playing the younger sister of protagonist Marcus Daimon. Her character's name is Kristy Daimon. Data Squad is slated to begin airing on Toon Disney's Jetix programming Autumn 2007.

Mel Joins the cast of Naruto!!
According to our sister site, Melissa has joined the cast of Naruto after voicing "a few bit parts"! ^_^

Avignon available Digitally!!
Avignon is making it's debut in online stores NOW... right now it's available at Digstation (A digital download purchase site for independent artists) and will be up on CD Baby in the next two weeks--with iTunes about a month or so after that! I know a lot of you have been crazy looking forward to it, so run and get it at Digstation if you want to hear it ASAP... OR if you want the physical CD (which has some goodies on it for you patient folk) it will be up within two weeks, according to Joel!

Mel on TV--7/10!
Melissa just announced on her *new* website (Gratuitous Plug!) that she will be making an appearance on the hit NBC Soap "Passions" on July 10th! That's right--Mel will be in a live action show, so set yourself down in front of the TV 7/10 (or set your TiVo/DVR/VCR, etc.) and show your support for our girl!!!!

MF.Com is Open!
Just wanted to pass on the exciting word that after many exciting months of waiting, our sister site, is officially live! Go check it out and read some fresh news straight from the girl herself (We'll post it here in a few days, but we don't want to steal her thunder) and check out some AWESOME galleries that you could only get straight from her. Also, there is a preview of "Avignon," so go check it out! This can only mean that the album itself won't be far behind, so keep your eyes here and on for more updates! (PS. If you checked out in the last few days, you may need to refresh or clear your cache to get the new stuff coming up!)

Avignon update!
Word is that Avignon will be available next month! Looks like an exciting June coming up. We have lots of news coming up in the next couple of weeks, including the upcoming launch of Melissa's official website and our sister site--! More information will be up in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back! We will also be posting pictures from the Art 4 Life Wicked Benefit in the next couple of weeks, as well! Anyone with pictures, please feel free to send pictures to the Kittens!

Calendar updated!
We've updated the calendar with new DVD release information for some of your favorite series, and with the current Wicked LA schedule. Note that there is no show on the 4th of July, but there is a matinee on the 5th to make up for it!

Wicked Cast Benefit This Monday!
I'm sure many of you saw the bulletin posted on Mel's MySpace about this, but: The cast of Wicked, including the super awesome Melissa Fahn, will be performing a benefit concert/show/auction at Club Façade Monday, May 21, 2007 at 9pm (Green Carpet at 8!) It's called Art 4 Life '07 and it's a benefit concert for the American Cancer Society in memory of Wicked cast member Gina Starbuck's father! Melissa will be debuting a new song from her upcoming album "Avignon" (accompanied by Joel, DJ Gregory (also of the cast) and Derek Frank)! You don't want to miss this. The event will be hosted by "Ugly Betty" star Michael Urie (Marc St. James, Wilhemina's secretary! The snarky sassy one hehe) and Hollywood legend & Shiz's very own head mistress Carol Kane with performances from Kristoffer Cusick, Eden Espinosa, the cast of Wicked, Dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance?", "Dancelife", and "The Choreographer". There will also be a silent auction of some really cool art, items signed by Debbie Reynolds, AND some exclusive Wicked packages. Also, the first 250 donations of $100 or more get special gift bags! It's $15 minimum donation at the door -- but you can donate more if you want! All of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society--but it also sounds like a REALLY cool night out with the cast of Wicked & Friends! For More information, here's the flier and here's the MySpace for the event

Friendly Reminder!
PLEASE Remember, guys, this site is run by fans, us kittens (Jax, Kimmie and the gang!) not by Melissa. Melissa's new site will be her official website, this is merely her official fan site. If you email the site, either or, the kittens check these email addresses, not Mel. The best, and for now only, ways of contacting her are via the snail mail address on the contact page or via her MySpace. Once her site is up, there will be new contact info on there, but until then, please remember, we are not her and we are very, very busy, so we usually cannot forward her your letters, as much as we'd like to. Thank you for understanding!

More Server Downtime!
Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding as once again today we had some server downtime... this time it wasn't our fault--our host, GoDaddy, had some server problems. Everything is back up and running, but there's always the chance for more problems as things get fixed, so please, be patient and thank you for putting up with it! LOL!

Wicked Lottery!
Just like in NYC, The LA Sit-down production of Wicked will have a lottery before every show (except for opening night, 2/21). For more information on the rules of Lottery, please click here

Jax: Lack of Updates & Site Outages
Jax apologizes for two things: 1) The severe lack of updates recently! Thank you all for bearing with my lack of here-ness, lack of updates, etc, as I've been extremely busy between work, school, and a huge move. Thank you all! 2) The outages earlier today... We've had some issues with people hotlinking our media (Please don't hotlink, it uses up the resources we've paid for and if it continues, we may have to remove our multimedia sections, we don't want that!) and in an attempt to fix it, I kinda made the whole site go down for about twelve hours. BUT it is fixed and all is well! Weee! If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

1st Annual American Anime Awards!
2007 will be the first year for the American Anime Awards, presenting awards for best voice actor/actress, best show, etc, and of course--who better to be nominated for Best Actress than our very own Melissa Fahn! The best part is that voting is open fan voting! So lets get our girl an American Anime Award!!! Voting is open here until January 31st and the awards will be presented February 27th! PLEASE go and vote for her but also don't flood the voting service--they're tracking voters to prevent mass voting by single voters, so don't cancel out your own vote by voting too much. Geood Luck, Mel!!! We're pullin' for you!!!

Wicked Awesome!
Melissa is very happy to announce that she will be reprising her ensemble role in the sit-down production of Wicked in Los Angeles this February! She will also be understudying Glinda. Hope to see a lot of you kittens out there representin' and showing Mel your support! Go Melissa!!!

DeZIMber Part Two!
Nicktoons has been running, and will continue to run, their December ZIM block every day in December. From Nicktoons: "Zim has once again taken over Nicktoons Network during the month of December. That means the most horrible christmas ever will air EVERY night in december. But that's not all! You can enter a contest at to have a chance to win special Zim artwork--Signed by Jhonen!" The website also features the JOLLY BOOTS OF DOOM music video. You can also download "Jolly Boots of Doom" from Mille Baci's own Audio page!

The Auctions are back!
More auctions went up Sunday night! Two more Zatch Bell spell cards--a RARE Ma Sesheild card and a Saisu card! Hurry over to eBay and get your bids placed! Remember to bid high and often, these auctions keep Mille Baci up and paid for here on the web from our hosting to our message board. Auctions end Sunday 12/10 at 10pm est/7pm pst.

Chats Cancelled
Hate to be the bearer of bad news, kittens, but the chats will not be picking back up. We here at Mille Baci and Melissa truly appreciate all of the turnout there has been for the chats. Melissa would like for anyone with questions to please post them on the message board in the Q&A section, with promises that she will get to them when she gets the chance. But, ever the optimists over here, please keep your chin up--this just means that Melissa has gotten so busy with theatre, anime/toons, and recording that we simply do not have the regular time open for these chats any more. If you have any questions at all about this, please direct them here.

Avignon and the official site info
Just wanted to give you all a heads up that because of Mel's super busy schedule (as mentioned above,) Avignon's release date is tenatively "this winter" so whether it's a stocking stuffer or a Valentine for yourself, don't forget to keep here for the most up-to-date news about Melissa, Avignon, and of course the soon-coming official website, which will go live this winter as well, so keep your eyes and ears here! We will have ALL of the latest as it comes to us!

Auctions returning
Sorry, eBayers, for the small hiatus on auctions the last few weeks--Jax has been a busy girl! But no worries, there will be some fresh auctions THIS SUNDAY! at 10pm est/7pm pst

Reminder SoCal Kids!
Just a reminder for you Southern California Kids, while Melissa's not in it, she is PRODUCING the Musical Theatre Guild production of It's A Bird... It's A Plane... It's Superman! so if you can, please go out and support her first venture as a producer! YAY! Go Melissa!

DVD Releases updated!
Our calendars have been updated to reflect the latest DVD release info from Anime News Network! Mars Daybreak's Boxed Set comes out 11/28, Eureka 7 volume 5 and Zatch BelL Volume 7 come out on 12/5, and Noein Volume 2 comes out 1/16! Start getting your holiday wishlists ready! ^_^

More Auctions!!
Our two auctions from last week have closed without selling, however our auctions from TWO weeks ago were a huge success! Thank you to everyone who bid, and to Michael for winning the Bebop card! You rock!!!Since those auctions have closed, we've posted two new ones that will last seven days, ending again on Sunday, October 15th, 2006 at 10pm eastern and 7pm pacific!! Another a Saisu (S-096) spell card featuring Tia from the Zatch Bell Trading Card Game and another, different Saisu (S-023) spell card featuring Tia! Please bid and bid high as the money from these auctions goes to keeping this site maintained and paid for! Thank you all! And special thank you AGAIN to Michael!

Chat Hiatus (Again!)
Due to her overwhelming schedule right now, Melissa will not be joining us for the weekly chats for a while. I hope that everyone can be understanding as Melissa needs to devote her time to finishing "Avignon" and producing Superman, and still finding time to fit in her Voice Acting! Whew! Talk about a busy girl! So yes, sad to say, until further notice, we won't be having the weekly Chats. Keep your eyes here for any updates about the chats picking back up.

Chat time change!
Just a friendly reminder to you chatters--this week the chat will be starting at 11:30 eastern/8:30 pacific! Also, a reminder to anyone who wasn't there last week--you MUST sign off on the rules thread in the "Welcome Wagon" forum or you will not be able to participate in the chats until you do! That even goes for mods (basically everyone but Melissa!)

Eureka Seven Stream
As mentioned a few months ago, Bandai's Anime Village is streaming recent episodes of Eureka Seven for free for a week or two. Currently airing on their site are episodes 21 & 22, Melissa's first two episodes as Ray Beams. Please, go check it out if you missed it on Adult Swim--show Bandai that we're interested in this show! Show them what a force we Fahn Fans are! ^_^ (Streaming video is in WMV3 format. You must have Windows Media player or for Mac users you must have the Flip4Mac Quicktime plugin installed!)

More Auctions!!
Our two auctions from last week have closed with both auctions selling! Thank you to everyone who bid, and to Robert and Pam for winning the last two weeks! You rock!!!Since those auctions have closed, we've posted two new ones that will last seven days, ending again on Sunday, October 15th, 2006 at 10pm eastern and 7pm pacific!! Another a Seoshi spell card featuring Tia from the Zatch Bell Trading Card Game and another, a collectible Cowboy Bebop postcard featuring Spike! This is the second-to-last Bebop postcard, guys, so if you wanted one, jump in on the bidding! Please bid and bid high as the money from these auctions goes to keeping this site maintained and paid for! Thank you all! And special thank you AGAIN to Robert and Pam!

Change is in the air this fall!
Just two weeks after our exciting second birthday, Melissa made some exciting announcements during the Mille Baci chat! Not only did she announce that she has an official website in the works (Coming this Fall!) but later after the chat, Melissa announced to Jax that from now on... Mille Baci is the Official Melissa Fahn Fansite and home of our Fan Club! So welcome to the Official Melissa Fahn Fansite! Woo Hoo! Thank you so much, Melissa, for this fantastic honor!

More Auctions!!
Our two auctions from last week have closed with both auctions selling! Thank you to everyone who bid, and to Robert, JoAnn, and Lawrence for winning the last two weeks! You rock!!!Since those auctions have closed, we've posted two new ones that will last seven days, ending again on Sunday, October 8th, 2006 at 10pm eastern and 7pm pacific!! Another a Combination! spell card featuring Tia and Zatch from the Zatch Bell Trading Card Game and another, a collectible Cowboy Bebop postcard featuring Spike! Please bid and bid high as the money from these auctions goes to keeping this site maintained and paid for! Thank you all! And special thank you AGAIN to Robert, JoAnn, and Lawrence!


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