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About Melissa:

Who Is Melissa Fahn?
Melissa Fahn is a very talented actress and singer. She performs both as a Voice Actor and as a Stage Actor, most notably for her roles in Hello Kitty, Invader Zim, Cowboy Bebop, and more in Voice Over and for her portrayls of Maria in the Arvada Center production of West Side Story in Denver and for her part in the Tony Award Winning Original Broadway Cast of Wicked. She's an accomplished performer, singer, and dancer.

Where would I know her from? Has she been in anything big?
Voice: Invader Zim, Betty Boop, Cowboy Bebop, Hello Kitty's Paradise, Zatch Bell, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Stage: Wicked (Broadway and the Los Angeles leg of the national tour), West Side Story at Denver's Arvada Center, Grease at the Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities, and many, many more.

What's she up to these days?
You can keep track of what she's doing by taking a look at the
calendar. If you're interested in when cartoons that she performs in are airing, check the schedule.

Does Melissa have a boyfriend/Is Melissa married?
Sorry, boys! Melissa is quite happily married to Joel Alpers. The two met on the set of Vox Lumiere in 2000 and were married in Kauai, Hawaii in 2002. They "couldn't be happier!"

Can I have Melissa's e-mail address/address/phone number?
We do not have permission or even access to Melissa's personal contact information, nor would we be privileged to give that information out if we had it. If you'd like to get in touch with her, she's an active member of our message board or she can be reached at the following address, care of her management in Los Angeles:
Melissa Fahn
c/o McGowan/Rodriguez Management
8733 Sunset Blvd. #103
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Can I buy any CDs or DVDs that Melissa's been in?
Most of the Anime that Melissa's dubbed is available on DVD or VHS via sites such as
Anime Castle, Amazon, or another distributer. Melissa is also heard on the Wicked Original Broadway Cast Recording as well as the Gilligan's Island Original Cast Recording (If anyone knows where the latter is available, please let us know.) Also, there are online videos and audio downloads (as well as CDs and merchandise) for Vox Lumiere available on their website

About the Website:

Why did you make this website?
The real story behind this can be found on the
About Us page, but long story short, Jax couldn't find any info about Melissa online, aside from sites like IMDB and Crystal Acids, and she decided that had to change. With the help of some friends and a gracious host, the site started in September '04 and later moved here to it's home at and now Melissa has an accurate website all about her on the internet, helping to get the word out about her talent and give her fans a place to hang out with other fans and find really accurate stuff about her!

It's okay, we kittens are only human. Please make a note of where on the page the typo is (perhaps copy and paste the offensive sentence), what page it's on, and how you suggest we fix it and email it to us.

I found a dead link, what's up with that?
Please follow the same procedure for a typo in reporting a dead link. If the dead link is for your site and you've recently relocated, it would be most helpful if you e-mail us when you're moving so that, on the off chance that we didn't know you moved, we can update our links.

Hey, one of the pictures in your photo gallery is mine, and you don't credit me. Can you fix that?
Sure thing. Please justemail us with a link to the picture and your name and how you'd like to be linked (e-mail or web address) and we will take care of crediting immediately. Or if you would like the picture removed, send us the link and politely ask us to take it down. We'd hate to steal from you.

I found some pictures online of Melissa and/or I took some of her at some function or another, and you don't have them on your site yet, would you like them?
We are always looking for new pictures of Melissa, so if we don't have it, please change that! Send the picture to with your name and way you'd prefer to be linked (e-mail or web address) and we will post it as soon as possible. Also, if possible, please include an 80 x 80 pixel thumbnail of the image.

I recently attended a show that Melissa performed in, would you like me to submit a review?
Absolutely! There is a section with reviews of shows Melissa's been in and we are always excited to add something new to it. Please email your review to with your name and how you'd prefer to be linked, and we will process that ASAP.

How can I/One of my friends be the Fan of the Week?
If you want to be fan of the week or you'd like to nominate a friend or relative, please go take a look at the special FAQ just for Fan of the Week applicants.

Can you upload full episodes of Invader Zim/Cowboy Bebop/Digimon/etc or a *whispered* video of Wicked onto your website?
Absolutely NOT. Not only is it illegal, but if we provide you with copies of Melissa's work, we wouldn't be supporting her or her fellow actors. Melissa works very hard doing her jobs and it's only fair if we buy her work fair and square, whether we buy theatre tickets or a licensed DVD. Also, please beware of Bootlegs available of full series of anime shows Melissa has dubbed. They look convincing and are available on reputable sellers online. If you see a collection that is normally or supposed to be 4-6 DVDs available with 3 DVDs for $20 or less, please do not purchase it, it is NOT a legal copy. This is particularly true for Cowboy Bebop and other multi-disk "full series" boxed sets available on Amazon Marketplace. Beware.

Is this the Official Melissa Fahn website?
No... but yes... this is not Melissa's official website, however, as of September 27, 2006, this is Melissa's official Fansite and Fan Club! Melissa's official website will be up soon and is being designed by the ever busy Jax, as well!

Is there any sort of fan club for her?
That would be us! ^_^

I found some information on a site that isn't on here, does that mean you're wrong?
Noper! Please consider any information found on this site and on Melissa's official website (coming soon) to be the gospel truth (at least the stuff about Mel! LOL) unless Melissa comments otherwise. Anything to the contrary or anything on another site that isn't on this site should be considered hearsay and is not endorsed by Melissa.

Where did you get the name for the site? Mille Baci?
Mille Baci is Italian for "Thousands of Kisses" and it's also a saying that Melissa adds to the end of her biographies in showbills or Playbills when she's acknowledging the important people in her life, such as her husband or her family. We thought it was really cute, so we used it for the site name.

Italian? How is it pronounced?
It's pronounced "Meel-lay Bah-chee"

About the Kittens:

Are YOU Melissa Fahn?
No, sorry. We're just a group of super dedicated fans who just want to see her name get out there. This is her official FAN site, meaning it's run by fans for fans but Melissa supports us and knows all about us ^_^ PLEASE DO NOT SEND US E-MAIL OR MESSAGES FOR MELISSA!!!

I have something I really really want to tell Melissa, can you tell her for me?
We're very, very busy and as much as we'd love to be a go-between for her, we simply can't. That is why we created the Mille Baci Message board! If you want to leave her a question there, leave it in Q&A, if you want to tell her something, post it in anything goes. Her contact information is also listed

How can we get in contact with you?
You could e-mail us, Instant Message the AIM screenname Mille Baci Mod, or post on the Message Board (any of the mods there can help you.)

Does Melissa know who you are?
Yes, Melissa works very hard with us to keep this page as accurate as possible. Thousands of thank-yous to Melissa and to Joel for helping us keep this site full of information and pictures and love!

Are you kittens single?
That would be for the kittens to know and you not to. No offense, of course.

Can you make my website?
We're quite busy with this site, but I'm sure if you contacted us via, we could point you in the right direction or even negotiate that with you.

If this didn't answer any of your questions, please drop an email to us, sign the guestbook, or IM mille baci mod! ♥ Thanks!

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