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      Melissa Fahn is the youngest in a very creative family. She has three older brothers who are all deeply involved in the arts (two actors and a jazz trombonist, respectively,) her father is a jazz musician and a retired television producer and her mother is an art lover.
      Her mother started her in dance lessons at the age of three where she started in ballet and tap and got her first taste of performance with song and dance routines at her recitals. When she was ten, Melissa made her theatrical debut in her school play "Free to Be You and Me" and her first professional role came two years later as the dew fairy in a children's musical theatre production of "Hansel and Gretel."
      Through her teens, Melissa continued her tap and ballet training, earning solos in her recitals. Soon she added jazz and eventually modern, ballroom and musical theatre character dances as well. At the same time, Melissa began focusing more on her vocal talent, taking voice lessons and perfecting hers singing along with her dancing.
      After she graduated from high school, Melissa attended a year at California Sate University at Long Beach, where she studied dance. After a year, Melissa decided to pursue her career more actively and started working full time. It was while she was working as a receptionist at a post-production studio that she found her first big break.
      Elaine Craig, a casting director, came in to the post-production house and dropped off some voice-over samples with Melissa, who accepted them. When Elaine heard Melissa's unusual voice, she asked her if she'd ever done any voice acting. She hadn't and so Elaine gave her some advice. She told Melissa to make a tape of herself reading magazines, advertisements, and anything else she could read out loud and send it to her. A few days went by and Elaine called her back but Melissa hadn't made the tape yet. Elaine asked Melissa to come over on a lunch break for an audition for the new Betty Boop special. Melissa went and the rest is history.
      That first big job opened a lot of doors for Melissa, giving her more opportunities on stage, singing jingles and parody songs for Premiere Radio Networks and, of course, leading her to a very successful career as a voice over actress, voicing many popular and beloved characters. Melissa quickly made a name for herself as a quality actress, always putting 110% into everything she does.
      Her hard work paid off in 2000, when she was nominated for a Denver Critics Circle award (the Denver regional equivalent of a Tony) for her portrayal of Maria in Denver's Arvada Center's production of "West Side Story," a role that Melissa still counts as one of her favorites. While in Denver, Melissa also played Kathy Selden in a stage adaptation of "Singin' in the Rain" which got many positive reviews, many of which proclaimed her to be the best dancer and singer on stage.
      Back in Los Angeles, Melissa performed in nearly half a dozen shows with the Los Angeles Musical Theatre Guild, Reprise Productions, and many more shows, including Johanna in "Sweeney Todd," "The Tin Pan Alley Rag" as Dorothy Berlin and the world premiere of "Gilligan's Island: The Musical" as Maryann. Also, she began recording two of her favorite cartoon characters, Gaz on "Invader Zim" and Rika on "Digimon," as well as the zany Radical Edward on "Cowboy Bebop. "
      The year 2000 also proved to be a great year for Melissa with many new projects that would play a huge part in shaping her future. In that year she signed on for a new and unique project called "Vox Lumiere" where she met drummer (and future husband) Joel Alpers. Also that year, Melissa received a message on her answering machine from Stephen Schwartz, personally asking her to take part in the workshop reading for a new musical he was writing called "Wicked."
      "Vox Lumiere" took off, performing for the last five years throughout Los Angeles and touring from Paris to Avignon and New York City to Seattle, Washington and Philadephia, PA. In 2002, Melissa married Joel Alpers in Kauai, Hawaii. In 2003, Stephen Scwartz's little project, "Wicked," had a successful pre-Broadway run in San Fransisco and then in October, 2003, it made its Broadway debut, bringing Melissa's childhood dream of performing on Broadway to life.
      Melissa performed in the show for almost a year, leaving September 5, 2004 to return to Los Angeles and her career and family. Since her return to Los Angeles, Melissa has performed in a limited engagement of "The Sunshine Boys' with Ed Asner and Harold Gould, a two night concert production of "Redhead" with the Musical Theatre Guild, a month-long production of "Grease" with The Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities as Marty, a brief tour of Vox Lumiere's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" to Seattle, WA, and voiced many brand new characters, such as Tia on "Zatch Bell."
      She's also traveled to New York again where she spent two weeks as an emergency swing back at "Wicked," made an appearance at Anime Boston 2005 in Boston, MA, and spent the month of July as an emergency swing (going on many times!) for the Los Angeles leg of the "Wicked" national tour. She just wrapped up the Philadelphia leg of the Vox Lumiere "Hunchback" tour with hubby Joel and the rest of the uber talented Vox Crew.

Fun (and random!) Facts!

  • Melissa's birthday is April 28th! That makes her a taurus.
  • For nine years, Melissa played the flute and piccolo. In high school (9th and 10th grade) she even performed in the marching band!
  • Melissa is 5'2" tall (unless she's wearing platform flip-flops :-P)
  • She was almost a Rugrat. She also had many auditions for The Powerpuff Girls.
  • She auditioned for the role of Ariel in Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' and was called back several times. However, in the end, Jodi Benson beat Melissa out for the role.
  • Her debut album is titled "Avignon" after the place that she and Joel fell in love--Avignon, France on tour with Vox Lumiere.
  • Her dream roles for the stage are Diana Morales from "A Chorus Line," Christina from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" and Maria in a Broadway revival of "West Side Story" and Audrey in "Little Shop of Horrorrs"
  • Melissa really likes Latin music (Brazilian, Salsa, etc,) Jazz, Funk, and anything from Rock to Classical.
  • Some of her nicknames: Mel, Missy, Melvin, Missy Melissy, Miss Meliss, Melly Mel, and Fahnie
  • Her favorite pizza toppings are Anchovies, mushrooms, fresh tomato, and Canadian bacon & pineapple.
  • Melissa's favorite country to visit is Italy.
  • Her role as Dorothy in "Wicked" was originally supposed to be a larger role but had to be cut down because of licensing.
  • Melissa's a coloratura soprano. Her full vocal range is from F below Low C to F above High C... 3 octaves.
  • If she wasn't an actress, Melissa would like to be a manager or agent or do hair and makeup for the theatre.
  • She says Judy Garland is one of her big influences, along with Barbra Streisand, Sarah Vaughan, Barbara Cook, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and, more recently, Audra McDonald
  • Loves playing comedic ditzes, wisecracks, "the ditzy blonde or the wisecracking gum-chewer"
  • She loves cherry coke, especially if it's regular coke with cherries and cherry syrup mixed in.
  • Loves Betty Boop because she's a brown haired, brown eyed, short girl who sings. (Sounds familiar ;) )
  • Does the voice for Betty Boop for any of the talking merchandise (ie. talking phone, recorded toys, cookie jars, etc.)
  • Melissa was picked over Bernadette Peters for the voice of Betty Boop.
  • The crying track for Dorothy in "Wicked" was actually Melissa laughing, not crying.
  • Melissa made up the "Ed song" (circles and eyeballs...etc) for the Cowboy Bebop movie
  • She and her siblings all perform, her brother Jonathan is an actor and an award winning director, her brother Tom is an actor and comedian, her brother Mike is an acclaimed jazz trombonist; their wives also perform. Melissa refers to her family as "the Flying Fahn Family" like the Flying Wallendas because they all work in some sort of performance art.
  • Revoiced the character Sojiro, the boy killer, in his later episodes in Ruroni Kenshin, replacing actress Lynn Fischer. Melissa cites it as one of her most challenging roles and many anime fans consider it one of her best roles.
  • She's allergic to strawberries, so don't buy her strawberry stuff!

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