It's the Amazing Story of the WEB KITTENS!

Once upon a time, a young broadway/anime geek named Jax went to see her favorite Broadway show WICKED. When she was there, she was obsessively reading the playbill and what did she discover? Only that one of the ensemble members was Melissa Fahn, the amaaaazing voice actress who voiced some of her favorite cartoon characters! It was fate, surely! So this little geek went home and did more research and the next time she was at WICKED she brought with her a little plush doll of GIR from Invader Zim, even though Melissa plays Gaz, all she had was a GIR plush... ANYWAY... She met Melissa at the stagedoor on that trip to the show and Melissa signed her GIR doll and after that, Jax decided to look into this fabulous actress some more. After searching the internet High and low, she couldn't find an accurate piece of information besides her theatrical and voice-over resumes. It was rather frustrating, and so it was decided that there should be some sort of fan community for Melissa. And so with the help of web wiz Anthony, the LiveJournal Community "Melissa_Fahns" was created. Not satisfied with this, she enlisted some of her friends to make a website for the wonderful actress and in August of 2004, the endeavor began to create the website you're at now! A month later, the site debuted and at the same time, Jax got a letter from Melissa herself thanking her for the fabo website and she gave her some new, accurate info to put on the site. Melissa then dubbed the hardworking fans at Mille Baci the "Web Kittens" and these kittens work tirelessly to bring the web all the best and most accurate info about Melissa Fahn. And the rest is history.

2005 Mille Baci has taken it's first huge leap since it's inception in September, 2004. Its brand new home is here at where it's warm and cozy and self-contained. Many thanks to for helping us get on our feet and being such wonderful support while it lasted.
2006 It's been two FABULOUS years and now, with big events on the horizon for Mel and an Official site on the way, Melissa has bestowed upon Mille Baci the honor of being her official fansite. YAY! This also makes us her official fanclub! YAY for the Kittens! More info on the board! If you have a question, please email the kittens and ask away!

President, Head Kitten, Designer, Photographer, Creator, Board Owner/Administrator, Everything-er, Melissa's Ohio Kid, General Dork.
Jax is, according to Melissa, Melissa's #1 Fan, but Jax thinks that there could always be a bigger fan out there, you just never know. The story of how Jax got into this little (little?!) project is written up in the history. Jax would also like to let you know that she likes socks and things that sparkle or jingle. Jax also likes talking about herself in the third person, even though people tell her that's a sign of insanity. ^_^ Oh, she also likes Harry Potter, Broadway, Anime, and just about anything in between. Shouts to Squishy, Lil Sis, Kirk, BabyD, The Rope Girls, The M3Ps, etc. And of course sending love and thanks to Mel and Joel for all they've done!

Kimmie Vice President, Executive MySpace Editor, Assistant in Decision Making (when Jax is indecisive), Doer of things Jax doesn't want to/can't do, uploader when Jax's net connection sucks, rocker at life, Board Moderator, Broadway fanatic, Melissa's LA Kid, Supreme Squishy.
Kimmie is one of the original Kittens atotally awesome Kitten, helping to make this site the best it can be. She also rocks because she shall be called Jax's squishy and she shall be Jax's and she shall be Jax's squishy. Good squishy. Kimmie also likes Kristin Chenoweth, Susan Egan, Michelle Federer, the role of Nessarose and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She hates California (less and less every day) and generally anyone nicknamed "Satan" for reasons that should be obvious. Ten points if you get that.

Techy, Board Designer, Broadway Guru, Board Moderator.
Anthony has stepped up from being a moderator on the message board to help with the transition of the site to its new home. Anthony also helps with the layout (critiques) and will soon be taking on the job of Board Designer. Anthony also loves Stevie Nicks and Geri Hallowell... but we don't mind.

Amby Leigh
Assistant To The Head, Helper, Anime Guru, Partner, Board Moderator Amby has stepped up to the plate as a partner in crime for Jax in the running of this website. Amby loves making icons and is also an amateur voice actress and an aspiring stage actress. She's also addicted to Gaia, but we'll save that for the Gaia Addicts Anonymous Meeting...

Cathy, Sami
Board Moderators
These two are also board moderators. Cathy really, really, really likes Idina Menzel and Julia Murney. Sami wishes she lived in an anime world, she'd like to have googley eyes.

Gretchen, Cressa
West Coast Photographers
Jax can't be everywhere. So Cressa and Gretchen cover Melissa's activities on the West Coast. Left Coast, represent. Holla! Cressa likes to draw, Gretchen makes really cool linocuts! Gretchen is currently EAST coast for school, but she still represents. She's just gettin' edjumacated.

Melissa Fahn
Mama ^_^, Board Administrator
Melissa is, of course, the whole reason this site exists... so why not make her an honorary kitten? She is, after all, the person who gave us that title. So Melissa is the Mama Kitten. ^_^ She's also contributed so much to this site, in information and support, that we can honestly say that we wouldn't be here without her help.

Joel Alpers
Husband of Mama Kitten... so... Papa Kitten?, Board Moderator
Joel has contributed SO much to the site also! He's a wonderful fan of the site and supporter of his wife, Melissa! He's also our reigning king of FOTW with a lot of time spent with the title under his belt. He also likes hitting drums as hard as he can (as well as gongs and generally anything that can be percussed.) He's the coolest! YAY JOEL! hehehe. Joel, where would we be without you sending us all of your pictures? I can't tell you enough, Joel--YOU'RE THE BEST!

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